Geared Up

We all like the latest gadgets don’t we? Peripheral devices, add-ons, accessories, extras… it kinda also have a duel purpose of which making our lives easier is the first, then the second is to make us look cool… coz then explain to me all the funky colors and bedazzles?

Laz and I spent our Sunday afternoon with a boisterous little guy named Luke and his granny. He is a 6 year old hearing disabled first grader who makes use of the device below together with his 2 hearing aids, one in each ear.

Luke’s teacher wears the Easy Link Microphone around her neck and the speech signal is picked up by his Receiver, which goes around his neck and then sends those signals to his hearing aids. It is quite conspicuous and I can imagine his curious class mates wanting to press buttons and trying out his gear.

Lukey has regular upgrades… every 3rd year his granny says. But with boys being boys there are a few repairs happening in between new aids, coz wear and tear you know.  Looking at these my mind couldnt help but wonder, how could a 6year old be held responsible for equipment worth thousands of rands?  But he knows how to operate his gear and why he needs them.

While Ruth was looking at the devices and the interactions of Luke, I was listening to his granny describing the type of boy he is because I know his hearing loss plays a role in that. After a while I couldn’t help but smile because I was looking at a 6 year old me, like some real life Inception stuff. It was like listening to my mother speak about me to me about the time when I was 6 years old. I wish I had my mother with to tell her “see, I’m not the only hearing impaired boy who is hyperactive with no sense of danger, and who acts like he doesn’t hear but actually does!”. I could see his granny was a bit concerned as to how he will handle life growing up with the hearing loss and the gear that comes with it, and being such a busy body. I sat there with a broken finger from rugby and told her that he will be just fine, and from the hug she gave me, I knew she believed me. She told me I’m a real life superhero, and all I could think was “you are raising one yourself”. I was unable to look at him with sympathy because I’ve been where he is, thus I know that his potential is not dependent on his hearing

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