South Africa is a country that strives for equality amongst its citizens. It is a country that boasts opportunity and promise. The natural ability to hear should not determine which of our country’s citizens get to enjoy the opportunities and share in its promise, and who gets left behind. The loss of hearing is just that – the loss of the ability to hear, not the loss of the ability to reach for your dreams despite your circumstances.

Maya Deaf Foundation (MDF) was founded as a deaf awareness movement that cherishes the dreams of those affected by hearing loss, irrespective of their age, degree of deafness and form of communication. It was established to help bridge the gap between the hearing and the Deaf, by providing a range of social and human development services to those affected by hearing loss in order to allow them to contribute their talents, expertise and capabilities to the betterment of South Africa.

MDF is an NPO that fosters inclusivity and envisages a future where Deaf Culture is defined by its potential, and not the inability to hear.