• Laszlo Maya – Chairperson

Laszlo is a BCom Accounting Graduate and a Cochlear Implantee, having lost his hearing at the age of 6. He is passionate about helping others and invests his time giving educational and motivational talks where he shares his experiences dealing with deafness. He was recently announced as one of the Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans for 2017 for his contribution towards civil society.

Laszlo can be contacted at laszlo@mayadeaffoundation.co.za


  • Curtley Wildschut – Treasurer

Curtley understands the issues faced by those affected by hearing loss, being a close childhood friend of Laszlo. He is currently employed as a Financial Intern and is tasked with the responsibility of keeping MDF accountable and allocating funds to the appropriate projects, amongst other duties, making sure the foundation meets its objectives. We take pride in having a person with such personal and financial insight on the team.

Curtley can be contacted at curtley@mayadeaffoundation.co.za


  • Ruth Abercrombie – Secretary

Ruth currently works as an administrative clerk by day, and an award winning blogger and aspiring writer by night. She is well known for her creativity, proactiveness, and communicational and organizational skills. She also invests her time helping others, doing charity work and spearheading MDF’s annual #NotDEAFeted campaign.

Ruth can be contacted at ruth@mayadeaffoundation.co.za


  • Gerrar Maya CA(SA) – Chief Financial Officer

Gerrar also understands the plight of those affected by hearing loss as he is the older brother of Laszlo. He is an invaluable asset to MDF as he possesses a wealth of financial knowledge and business experience acquired in his field of work as a Chartered Accountant. We are confident that he will see to the financial well-being of the foundation.

Gerrar can be contacted at gerrar@mayadeaffoundation.co.za


  • Natasha Maya – Events Coordinator

Natasha is a strategic planner who takes a keen interest in planning parties and events. She is the co-owner of Heaven Sent, an events planning business. Her organizational skills are unmatched and assures that each and every event hosted by MDF will be tended to with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

Natasha can be contacted at natasha@mayadeaffoundation.co.za