The vision of Maya Deaf Foundation is that the culture and heritage of the deaf and hard of hearing will be recognized in the pursuit of impartiality, equality, liberty and security.


The main objectives of the organization, amongst others, is to :

  • Provide financial assistance to underprivileged individuals, especially the youth, who wish to acquire Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids.
  • Initiate programmes which can aid the development of the D/deaf and hard of hearing , and encourage equal and full participation¬† in society, effectively bridging the gap between the hearing and the deaf.
  • Safeguard¬† and promote the basic human and linguistic rights of the hearing impaired.
  • Create employment opportunities for the hearing impaired with the organization and assist with job placement in the labour market.
  • Raise awareness of the physical and social issues facing the hearing impaired in society.
  • Promoting South African Sign Language (SASL)¬† as a democratic right to literacy and education.